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This piece is an interpretation of my own anatomy, many layers, each depicting a different facet of my body. On the top there is my skin, a protective layer covering what is below. Its almost like a cushion, soft and appealing. Below this, I embroidered my organs; this layer has an almost childlike naïveté like a play mat but the subject is at odds with this. In fact I think this is something that is true of the piece as a whole: the soft pink palette is appealing until one makes the connection with the colours of our insides, until you realise that the colour coding in the quilt represents varying levels of pain recording it like a diary. The final layer is woven from all the scraps of fabric left from making the quilt and is in essence a representation of the pain it recorded. It shows tension and chaos but is also amorphous, just as the undefined, undiagnosed pain is. 

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